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Full text of "History Of Ancient India"

{\rtf1\ansi {\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\cpg0\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f1\froman\cpg1252\fcharset0 Times New Roman;}{\f2\froman\cpg1251\fcharset204 Times New Roman;}{\f3\froman\cpg1250\fcharset238 Times New Roman;}{\f4\froman\cpg1257\fcharset186 Times New Roman;}{\f5\froman\cpg1254\fcharset162 Times New Roman;}{\f6\froman\cpg1253\fcharset161 Times New Roman;}{\f7\froman\cpg1255\fcharset177 Times New Roman;}{\f8\fswiss\cpg0\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f9\fswiss\cpg1252\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f10\fswiss\cpg1251\fcharset204 Arial;}{\f11\fswiss\cpg1250\fcharset238 Arial;}{\f12\fswiss\cpg1257\fcharset186 Arial;}{\f13\fswiss\cpg1254\fcharset162 Arial;}{\f14\fswiss\cpg1253\fcharset161 Arial;}{\f15\fswiss\cpg1255\fcharset177 Arial;}}{\stylesheet {\sbasedon222\f9\fs20\i Normal;}}\paperw12240\paperh15840\margl1259\margr1811\margt1429\margb360 \sectd \sbknone\pgwsxn12240\pghsxn15840\marglsxn1259\margrsxn1811\margtsxn1429\margbsxn360\cols2\colno1\colw5666\colsr3308\colno2\colw720 \pard \plain \cbpat1\ql\li0\fi1883\ri0\sb0\sa0 \f9\fs20\i\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li781\fi0\ri0\sb0\sa0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw-5\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs22 PILGRIM'S JOURNEY : HARSA'S. RELIGION      309}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li130\fi0\ri14\sb223\sa0\sl-234\slmult0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw7\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 Ham's bounty. Then ten days were spent in bestow\-\expndtw1 ing largess on the "heretics", i.e., Jains and members of \expndtw8 other sects. The same number of days was reserved \expndtw0 for giving alms to the mendicants, while it took a month \expndtw12 to distribute charity to the poor, the orphans, and \expndtw5 the destitute. By this time the accumulated treasures \expndtw1 were exhausted, and then Harsa gave away even his \expndtw15 personal "gems and goods". Thus, he established \expndtw5 a record in individual liberality hardly equalled in \expndtw-2 history.\super 1}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li151\fi0\ri0\sb227\sa0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw-1\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs23 Yuan Chwangs departure}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li90\fi468\ri54\sb212\sa0\sl-230\slmult0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw8\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 After the conclusion of the Prayaga assembly Yuan Chwang took leave of Harsa, who saw him off \expndtw0 a long distance, and provided him with a military escort \expndtw4 of "a king of North India called Udhita" to carry the \expndtw1 books and images on horseback. Subsequently, Harsa again met the pilgrim, and sent some money for trie \expndtw-1 necessary expenses of his arduous journey over-land to \expndtw-8 China.\super 2}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li72\fi0\ri0\sb180\sa0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw-1\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs23 Harsa's Religion}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li36\fi486\ri126\sb166\sa0\sl-238\slmult0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw9\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs24 We now pass on to a consideration of Harsa's \expndtw10 faith, which urged him to scorn delights incidental \expndtw2 to his position, and work untiringly for the moral and \expndtw9 material progress of his subjects. It may at the out\-\expndtw8 set be mentioned that he did not inherit Buddhism. \expndtw0 His three immediate ancestors were votaries of the Sun \expndtw1 (Aditya). According to the inscriptions found at Bans-\expndtw-2 khera (Shahjahanpur district) and Madhuban (Azamgarh \expndtw0 district), Harsa himself was a "Parama-mahesVara" or a}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li11\fi378\ri166\sb241\sa0\sl-194\slmult0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw4\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs20 * But this sort of munificence must have been a heavy drain \expndtw1 on the treasury. Was it, therefore, in any way responsible for the \expndtw2 sudden collapse of the kingdom after Harsa's death ?}\par \pard \plain \cbpat8\qj\li0\fi378\ri169\sb25\sa0\sl-187\slmult0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i0\super\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw1\f1\cchs0\lang1033\fs20 2\nosupersub  Fa-hian, on the other hand, had preferred the southern sea-\expndtw5 route, and returned home by way of Java or Sumatra.}\par \column \pard \plain \cbpat8\ql\li0\fi0\ri0\sb12784\sa0 \f9\fs20\i{\b0\i\cf1\charscalex100\expndtw0\f9\cchs0\lang1033\fs17 Y.}\par }